Since May of 2018, Legal Assistance of Windsor has been offering new legal services through The I Decide Project. The purpose of the project is to deliver rights-based education and services to community members with intellectual disabilities, in order to promote self-directed decisions and planning.

The I Decide Project can help with:

  • supported decisions about personal care or finances (money and belonging)

  • creating or revoking (cancelling) a Power of Attorney

  • challenging Guardianship applications or decisions made by existing guardians

  • setting goals and connecting to community supports and resources

  • staying safe and reporting abuse

The I Decide Documentary

In December of 2018, we launched a documentary called “I Decide,” directed by Chris Rabideau and Christie Nelson. The documentary highlights the journey of a local resident labelled with an intellectual disability, who has succeeded in putting himself at the centre of his own decision-making. You can watch the video here.

To order a copy on DVD, please contact us at 519-256-7831.

News and Events

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Contact Us

To get in touch with the I Decide team, please call us at 519-256-7831 or come into our office.

Educational Webisodes

Our educational webisodes are for for informational purposes only. For help, please contact us directly.