Please refer to our Complaints Policy with Appendices for complete information about our complaints policy, including a complaint form and consent form for a client complaint.
Clients or former clients can complain. For clients or former clients the only requirement is that the aggrieved individual must give their name, provide particulars of the complaint, and sign a Consent. For others, the complaint must be in writing.
Complaints can be made personally by the client. For others, they can be made in writing to any staff person or any member of the Board of Directors. It is understood that the Board member is only receiving the complaint and forwarding it on, they do not respond to the complaint. STUDENTS SHOULD DIRECT COMPLAINTS TO A STAFF MEMBER IMMEDIATELY.
The complete complaints procedure is as follows:
1. A caseworker, on receiving a complaint, will immediately report the complaint to his or her supervisor.
2. The supervisor will discuss the complaint with the complainant and with the caseworker in an attempt to resolve the complaint.
3. The supervisor will also ensure that the complainant is informed of the entire complaints procedure.
4. Upon receiving a report of a complaint that has not been resolved, the Clinic Director will discuss the matter with all parties involved and make a further attempt to resolve the matter.
5. The Director will report to the Board of Directors in writing explaining the outcome of any unsuccessful attempts to resolve a complaint.
6. Upon receiving a report of a complaint that has not been resolved the Board shall:
a) Appoint a Complaints Committee to investigate and discuss the matter with all parties involved in a further effort to resolve the matter, and/or;
b) Inform the complainant of the recourse through the complaints procedure of the Complaints Office of Legal Aid Ontario.
7. A complaint concerning the Executive Director/Academic Director shall be referred to the Chair of the Board.